Breast Augmentation - Female - 36

This wonderful patient was referred to Dr. Aguiar in Tampa, Florida by a previous patient who was thrilled with her breast implants.

After 2 pregnancies, this patient had lost signficant breast volume and had an asymmetry of the breast also.  She expressed that she wanted to look natural and proportioned and would like her breasts to be the same volume.

Dr. Aguiar was able to provide the volume with a Natrelle Style 15 breast implant.  In order to address the asymmetry he utlized 2 different size breast implants.  The left breast was the larger breast and he inserted a 397 cc implant, the right breast was the smaller and he inserted the 421 cc implant.

Dr. Aguiar pointed out that her nipples were not even and offered to do a peri-areolar breast lift to create symmetry of the nipples.  The patient said that issue didn't bother her and elected to not have the extra procedure done.

She is very happy with her results and has already referred several friends to Dr. Aguiar.

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*Photos and information are of an actual patient of Dr. Joseph W. Aguiar, MD.  Please note, the same “before and after” results may not occur for all patients.  Careful evaluation and consultation is needed to produce the best results possible for each patient.

Patient Info

Reason for Surgery Loss of volume after pregnancy
Age 36
Height 5'7"
Weight 149
Implant Natrelle Style 15 - Left 397 cc & Right 421 cc
Placement Submuscular
Incision Inframammary
Cup Size Change A to C
Post-Op Pics 3 months

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