Natural Breast Enhancement - Female - 35

This patient is a 35 year old mother of 2 from Lutz, Florida.  She is interested in a natural breast enhancement as she feels that she is unable to wear certain clothing due to lack of breast volume.  She states that she liked the size she was with pregnancy, which was a C cup.  She reported she was an A cup all her life, and now feels breast volume is less than an A cup due to volume loss after pregnancy.

She is an excellent candidate for breast augmentation as she lives a healthy lifestyle,curretnly experiencing no breast related problems and there is no history of breast cancer in the family.

Upon examination, there is a noticeable volume asymmetry with the left breast being approximately 30 cc fuller.  The is also a slight chest wall deformity with the left breast being more narrow than the right and with a bend of the ribs causing a fullness in the upperside of the left breast when compared to the right.

The patient tried on many different sizers to search for a size that she felt comfortable with and created better symmetry.  During the sizing process, the patient wanted to know if she could try the sizers on with one of her favorite shirts.  We were happy to accommodate her request and when she saw the sizers with her favorite shirt on, she became emotional, saying, "I love this shirt and I will finally feel comfortable wearing it."

For surgery, the original plan of using an asymmetrical implant to create better symmetry proved to be successful.  For the left breast a Natrelle Style 15 304 cc implant, and for the right breast a Natrelle Style 15 339 cc implant was used.

Our wonderful patient is "over the moon" happy with her surgery and feels that she received the "natural breast enhancement" that she desired.

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*Photos and information are of an actual patient of Dr. Joseph W. Aguiar, MD.  Please note, the same “before and after” results may not occur for all patients.  Careful evaluation and consultation is needed to produce the best results possible for each patient.


Patient Info

Reason for Surgery Loss of breast volume after pregnancy
Age 35
Height 5'9"
Weight 125
Implant Natrelle Style 15 Gel 304 cc on left, 339 cc on right
Placement Submuscular
Incision Inframammary
Cup Size Change Less than A cup to C cup
Post-Op Pics 3 months

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