Med Spa

Expertise inspires confidence

Not every cosmetic correction or enhancement requires surgery…

As we age one of the main changes that takes place and is visible to others is the loss of facial fullness. Over time, these changes continue to progress and are made worse by sun exposure, hereditary traits and lifestyle choices. Did you know that many cosmetic concerns regarding the face can be corrected without surgery?

Although a liquid facelift or chemical peel procedure may not require an incision, the importance of your team’s experience and qualifications can't be underestimated. With medical aesthetics, expertise is directly related to your results and safety. Joseph W. Aguiar, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and sets the standard for every aspect of your care with us.

Tampa Spa

Your med spa team at Aguiar Plastic Surgery will also include licensed medical aestheticians & certified eyelash extensionist that are monitored by Dr. Aguiar. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, both in the results we achieve and in the spa experience we create for you.

The Aguiar Experience

Patients that step into our office immediately leave their everyday stress behind. Our spa is elegant and warm, and encourages worry-free relaxation. We want you to get the most from each minute you're with us.

Once you arrive and get comfortable, you'll talk with your consultant. You'll learn about all the options available to meet your unique goals and desired appearance. Our clients always make informed decisions regarding treatment, and have realistic expectations set forth by our team.

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